Consulting Vertical

Consulting Vertical

Raiscient’s consulting services include corporate strategy, capital expansion and capital restructuring, advice on and implementation of mergers, acquisitions and disposals, and management of resultant operational integration / restructuring program, IPO project management, business valuations, preparation and review of feasibility studies and business plans, buyer’s due diligence, representing a business buyer or seller on negotiations relating to price and / or commercial terms of the transaction, conducting search for a strategic partner for cross border joint ventures, conducting search for a financial partner for sale of a significant equity stake, and advice on negotiating MOUs and shareholders’ agreements.

Additionally, our associates have decades of successful track record to provide reliable services on accounting, MIS, taxation and financing matters. If required we provide ‘outsourced CFO’ services where our domain expert will locate at your site to deliver a professional and stronger accounting and finance organization.

We serve start-ups, especially in the technology and e-commerce space. Our CFO services aim to free young entrepreneurs’ time so that they focus on business, leaving financial organization and planning to experts. We serve the critical function of preparing long term financial plan with components for early investors, venture capital and private equity and advise clients on the ideal timing for equity dilution, its extent and valuation. Our team, supported by years of experience in negotiating funding structures and M&A deals take lead in dealing with investors specializing in start-ups. We offer an innovative equity based fee structure that minimizes the running cash costs of the CFO services and aligns the interests of both the start-up and Raiscient.

Our experienced and insightful engineer specialists can tackle a large number of manufacturing challenges and come up with customized and innovative solutions. They help plants to optimize major areas of operations to increase productivity, reduce wastage, modify processes to suit available raw materials and other local peculiarities and resolve infrastructural and technological limitations without recommending a large investment.